Product Design

November 15th, 2013, 07:11:57 skandasystemsadmin

ProductDesignimage1Sometimes off-the-shelf products simply cannot meet your requirements. On these occasions Skanda Systems can offer a fast and reliable bespoke electronic design service focused on delivering application specific and cost optimised solutions.

Skanda Systems core service relies primarily on designing and developing Electronics Systems, right from scratch concept or idea leading to technical writing of requirement specifications and design specifications, Electric and Electronic Circuit design, Schematic Drawing, Printed Ciruit Board desgning, Bill of Materials, Prototype development, Firmware/Software design and development, Embedding code, Application software design and development, perhaps with a database, format protocols, communication interfaces, HMIs, complete system integration and prototype testing. We utilise a well-defined process to ensure the results meet the demands of your project.

Our Design Team focus on adding real value to you, our customers. We offer an integrated design, development and testing service, but will happily undertake stand alone design projects too. Each project is assigned a dedicated designer with complete responsibility for the project. At virtually every step, from feasibility studies, prototypes, even complete volume manufacture and testing, Skanda Systems can develop and differentiate your products to move them to market quickly and efficiently. Contact us to find out how skanda systems can help you achieve best results