Software Design

November 20th, 2013, 04:11:55 skandasystemsadmin

DataAnalysisSoftware-firmware increasingly defines the operation of electronics systems. From FPGA or DSP or ASIC and SoC, Skanda Systems engineers are expert in the unique qualities of today’s cutting edge technologies. We have experience in virtually all major platforms and have developed code to run on embedded Linux, Android, eCOS, VRTX, VxWORKS, RTEMS and MQX. We have experience in code compliance standards such as DO178, SIL2, IEC 61508-3, CMM-level5 to name a few. Our procedures and measures ensures to avoid faults and failures wihtint software. We test, validate and verify systems we develop are robust and demosntrate that all safety requriements have been fully met your application.

DeviceSystemSkanda Systems can design a solution that best suits your needs. We develop Embedded code for Real Time Operating System(RTOS), create Graphical User Interface(GUI) software for monitoring and data analysis on host systems. We specialise in designing and developing integrated Master-Slave or client-host systems, an embedded device and the application software linked via different industry standard protocls such as RS-232, RS-485, TCP/IP or UDP Ethernet, ARCnet, Wifi, RF communication protocols. We employ custom-algorithm as part of our service specific to your objectives.

MobileAppsOur expertise includes Mobile Application develpoment, Embedded Firware, Application software, website design and web app thin clients and GUI software for monitoring, data analysis and acquisition and reporting, triggering of embedded devices