Product Feasibilty

November 18th, 2013, 06:11:01 skandasystemsadmin

ProductFeasibilty3It is always a good idea to get an expert analyse before you commit time and money to full development of your product or project. We specialise in detailed feasibility studies. That means you have a complete picture of the project before you ramp up—like advice on potential technical solutions and likely costs/time lines. We give a head-up always.

Our clients range from major global corporations to specialist technology developers and small-scale manufacturers. Our mission is to deliver specialist design services, expertise, management and resources tailored to your business and engineering needs.

Projects begin with understanding your detailed engineering and business requirements. This may be pre-defined or generated in discussions with your Skanda Systems team.

embeddedICimageWe work together with our clients to ensure the prototypes pass any environmental testing that is required. This can include EMC emissions, vibration, temperature and humidity as well as other industry specific standards.

Our team can respond quickly and effectively to provide flexible and cost-effective support including:

– Creating additional design and production capacity
– Accessing specific technology expertise
– Providing a ‘risk free’ method for special concept testing
– Managing a self-contained special project resource

productfeasibilityreaplcementBy harnessing our range of skills and experience we are able to provide you with accurate and realistic proposals for the complete design process at this initial stage: Based on a detailed project plan, this will define our understanding of your requirements, estimate project costs and clarify the time-scales involved.