SERVICES – Hardware Design

November 18th, 2013, 06:11:38 skandasystemsadmin

Schemati_PCBdesignFrom simple 8-bit micro controller to leading-edge processor technology like ARM, ARC, FPGAs, DSPs, Skanda Systems hardware design solutions are in place at some of the world’s foremost companies. No matter the demands of your project, our expertise with today’s latest sensor, communications, display, power management, and imaging technologies assure you a complete, effective solution. Skanda Systems engineers can advise you on, and implement the solutions that best meet your specific requirements.

Our experience spans the full spectrum of industry-leading design tools, including Altium, Cadence, and Mentor.We design the board to the Design Specification, employing techniques to meet with client type approvals such as EMC emissions, temperature range, vibration, and circuit protection. Completed schematics are then sent for approval before moving to the board layout stage. Our Design Engineers then proceed to the board layout stage considering specific physical parameters as highlighted within the Design Specification document. We provide a 3D CAD model, or interactive 3D PDF, of the board to help clients visualise the final board layout. We test the boards and reveise if neccessary. We deliver full documentation with Gerber files as part of the delivery items of the project.

hardwareOur services range from simple single layer LED designs, to multi-layer, multi-processor behemoths. Skanda Systems years of experience and vast prepared component library ensures our PCB design is undertaken efficiency and cost-effectively. Investing in the very latest tools and predominantly utilising the Altium suite, we can ensure optimum manufacturability thus yield from any PCB design we undertake. We typically undertake PCB designs as a part of a project from inception to completion, However, we also cater needs of customers offering individual elements of process, helping thier engineering team to achive fast time to market requirements.

Our unrivalled design engineers with combination of skills and knowledge drawn from many years of practical industry experience are capable of delivering Hardware Solutions with industry complaince standards such as EMC, ATEX Intrinsically safe, DO-254, DO-278A, to name a few. All our design engineers are fully trained to recognised IPC CID+ standards for circuit and PCB design. This includes specific capabilities in Design For eXcellence (DFX), Design for Manufacture (DFM), Design for Test (DFT) and Design for Assembly (DFA).

Skanda Systems can work with you for entire product development with hard ware design inclusive or Schematic Design, PCB design, PCB testing as individual elements. We analyse and research for reliability and cost effectiveness to yield the perfect hardware solution required for your application needs.